mamike ist ein ergänzender Onlineshop für Cosplayerinnen und Cosplayer

Who is mamike™ and why another online store for cosplayers:inside?!

A cosplay online store with click & collect and material introduction courses.

You’re absolutely right, of course. There are already some online stores in Europe where you could buy. So why another online store?
Well, mamike™ has been on the Swiss market since 2014. Started with store in store and a little something online. As first pure main importer of Worbla®, our store and the offer has grown from year to year. Also thanks to the support of you as cosplayer:in. Right. Thanks to your ideas and suggestions, we really got going. Why? mamike™ listens and learns to improve and meet your needs.

So what should make you buy from us?

One clear point is certainly the time savings. With us you will find almost everything. That is, various manufacturers Foam, primers, acrylic paints to name a few.
And what we don’t have in our range yet, tell us and we’ll try to round it up and include it.
Yes right a real effort. But hey… it’s worth it to us in any case. And… our success seems to live up to the effort.

Eveline und Robert Belle die Gründer und Inhaber von mamike Cosplaystuff & Fabrics

Who is behind mamike™?

A team with heart and soul for creativity and cosplay.

The imprint of course already shows who is behind mamike™… but above all there are two people who burn with heart and soul for the project.

Eveline Belle ( Instagram: @_bellefaye )

is a trained ladies’ tailor. So already from scratch with fabrics and techniques in the creative world at home. She has been working for BERNINA Bern since 2001, where she inspires customers with introductory and advanced courses. So you can get the best out of your sewing machine.

With a lot of dedication she also tests the new materials which are not directly related to sewing. The motto is clear: only those who remain curious can gain new knowledge and learn new techniques.

Robert Belle
( Instagram: @artymusgarage )

has been moving around the geek scene since 2001 and got to know the cosplay scene in 2012. Then in 2014 he began to work intensively with worbla and many other materials creatively.

For countless theater and carnival groups as well as cosplayers, his tips and advice have led to unconventional solutions. He has even been allowed to build armor, film props and FX parts for film projects.

Since 2015, he has been giving 20 to 30 workshops a year, is present at countless trade fairs and is always happy to provide advice and support to third parties.