Thank you for your interest.

As you know, we are regularly present at various trade fairs.

So, to take full advantage of this opportunity, we are looking for help at our booth. Important: it is not a “helper” job. But you work with us the whole day at the booth. Of course with breaks and so on. But just. A task with responsibility for which you will also be paid.

Preferably from the greater Freiburg area, of course, but you are also welcome from Switzerland. 😉

Here are a few descriptions of the current team working with Eveline and me:

– Working at the Mamike booth rarely feels like work, but more like a day full of interesting conversations with lots of different people.

– With Mamike at the booth, you work hand in hand and it feels like you belong right away. Mamike means family

– Helping at Mamike’s booth is like fitness and comedy combined: It’s exhausting but also hilarious!

At the moment we are talking about the following events where we could use some help:

[1] 17. / 18. September 2022 in Freibung i.Breisgau

The compensation: 100.- per day plus. Travel and meal expenses, as well as hotel accommodation
Partly you will be involved in setting up the stand, but certainly in dismantling it. Preferably, you speak German and English