Worbla: one material – endless possibilities

Worbla is a thermoplastic that can be molded using heat.

This thermoplastic material makes it possible to make props, figures and much more in a cheap and easy way. There are no limits to the imagination!

A hot air dryer is suitable for processing with heat. Heating makes the worbla soft, sticky and pliable. It can be formed into any shape in this state.

Once heated, the plastic adheres to itself and other materials. Therefore, no adhesive is necessary. If something has gone wrong, you can simply reheat the Worbla and continue working on it. Baking paper is suitable as a base, as the coating prevents the Worbla from sticking.

You can also heat the Worbla with a normal hairdryer, so that even children can tinker with it. However, in this case the plastic must be heated for longer.

Worbla comes from Cast4Art and is made in Germany. The products are completely harmless and free of harmful substances.

Worbla does not cause dirt. It is sandable, grindable and fileable, can be easily sealed and painted with all colors. There is no waste or offcuts at Worbla – all scraps can be reused.

Our product range offers the right solution for every conceivable application.

All materials of the Worbla’s® Art series are free of any harmful substances and solvent-free in production and processing.

Worbla's Finest Art Thermoplastic

Worbla’s® Finest Art is a thermoplastic sheet & modeling clay at the same time! It can be perfectly shaped and modeled by means of heat of about 80-90°C, and as often as you want.

Worbla's Black Art Thermoplastic

Worbla’s® Black Art Just like the world-famous Worbla’s® Finest Art (WFA), it is a thermoplastic sheet plus modeling clay at the same time, which can be perfectly shaped and modeled by means of heat at about 80-90°C, over and over again.

Worbla's Deco Art Thermoplastic

Worbla’s® Deco Art – the thermoplastic modeling and impression beads without real shrinkage on cooling for every imaginable kind of impressions & free forms, but also for laminating surfaces, from the house of Worbla’s®!

Worbla's Crystal Art Thermoplastic

Worbla’s® Crystal Art (WCA) – the transparent, thermoplastic beads for detailed impressions and luminous gems from Cast4Art!

Worbla's Meshed Art Thermoplastic

Worbla’s® Meshed Art – the new Worbla with the mesh on one side! Thanks to the mesh, it is less prone to tearing out eyelets/studs and the like, as well as the ideal complement for shaping & reinforcing for work with leather or fabrics. Nevertheless, it can also be used to create curves and organic shapes surprisingly well.

Worbla's Pearly Art Thermoplastic

Worbla’s® Pearly Art, another fantastic creative material from Cast4Art – Welcome to the bright side of Worbla’s®!