The Book of Foam Armor

The Book of Foam Armor

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The Book of Foam Armor by Kamui Cosplay

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Kamui Cosplay – The Book of Foam Armor

The book of Foam Armor by Kamui Cosplay English or German

New to foam armor? This is the book for you! Foam costumes are comfy, affordable and fun to build! In 48 pages and over 170 pictures you’ll learn every important step from start to finish: creating patterns, cutting, glueing and heat shaping foam, adding details, priming, painting and even attachments. Building your dream cosplay has never been easier! The ultimate foam beginner’s guide!

  • Introduction to all tools and materials
  • Choosing between foam and Worbla
  • Finding the right foam for you
  • Creating tight and free-form patterns
  • Cutting, glueing and heat shaping foam
  • Mastering the dremel
  • Adding foam details and textures
  • Priming flexible foam (brush and spray)
  • Painting and sealing
  • Attaching your armor
  • Repairing foam armor

As well as the following work examples:

  • Medion – Erazer Girl
  • FFXIV – Monk
  • Monster Hunter – Zinogre

You can find the right Foam here: EVA-Foams



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